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About Us 

At Animal House Calls, we understand that pets are part of your family. When you trust their veterinary care to us, we treat them like our family. 

Dr. Barbara Wygal received her undergraduate degree from Duke University.  Amongst other jobs, she worked for an oceanographer in Beaufort, North Carolina and was head of the Twilight Zoo at the Pittsburgh Zoo. She then earned her veterinary degree from Cornell University.  After that, Dr. Wygal completed an internship at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts where she specialized in small animal medicine.

After working at several animal hospitals, Dr. Wygal founded her house call practice in 1986 in Knoxville, Tennessee.  In 1988, she moved to Salisbury, Maryland.  After a short teaching stint at Salisbury University, she restarted her house call practice and has had a thriving business ever since.

Why house calls?

First of all, we know that cats and dogs are calmer when they are in familiar surroundings. Being in the comfort of their homes helps to reduce the stress and trauma caused by routine veterinary care.

Secondly, pets do not run the risk of contracting contagious diseases from sick animals that might be in a hospital waiting room.

Finally, there is no house call fee!

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